mSpy Reviews for Android and iPhone

There are lots of reasons why you want to track a cell phone, whether it’s yours or belongs to someone else. You can track your own cell phone to make sure that no one has access to your device without permission. You might also want to keep an eye on your child when they’re using a cell phone.

Using an installed app and a dashboard on your laptop or cell phone, you’ll gain immediate access to all important data without having to touch the target phone. But finding the right spyware can be confusing. So which one should you choose?

mspy reviews

In this mSpy review, I will explain the main features of the mSpy app, how to use it, and why it should be the spyware to install to any phone that you want to keep an eye on.

mSpy Main Features

As spyware programs keep on evolving, mSpy maintains its status as one of the best-selling programs on the market. It actually works and is regularly updated to cover more features that users will find useful.

mSpy is smart spyware compatible with several operating systems so it can work on different smart devices. People can easily install and use this program to keep an eye on how their spouses or children use their mobile phones. Moreover, business owners can verify that employees aren’t using business cell phones except for business-related matters.

There are currently various spyware applications that users can buy and try. But if you don’t want to waste your time or money, then I advise you to buy mSpy and start using it now.

This spyware uses the internet to send data from the target device to the dashboard on your computer or cell phone. This means that the other cell phone should be using a data package or connected to Wifi to make sure that mSpy works.

Easy Installation

Do you feel that technology is going too fast for you to keep up with it? You’re not alone.
Cell phone manufacturers are regularly updating their devices and security systems. You need a fingerprint or someone’s face to gain access to a cell phone.

This means that your kid can be browsing porn sites without your supervision, or worse; chatting with adults who have bad intentions and you’ll never know about it. Moreover, it could mean that your spouse or partner can have an online relationship with someone without your knowledge because they know they can’t get caught.

mSpy is an excellent choice for people who need no hassle as it’s quite easy to set up. Once you have it installed to the target phone, you’ll be able to access all the data using a dashboard on your computer or cell phone without touching the target phone ever again.

The buying process is easy as you just have to fill out the order form and pay for your preferred version of mSpy, and then you’ll receive an email of all the installation instructions. Following these easy steps will enable you to have your spyware application functioning in a few minutes.

Practical Versions for all Users

This spyware comes in two versions, a full version for Android and IOS users and another version for iPhones that weren’t jailbroken. For Android users, you’ll need to have physical access to the target phone for a few minutes.

You can gain access to the target phone without rooting. However, if you wish to install the full version with access to third-party applications and email accounts, then you need to root the device to properly install mSpy.

For IOS users, things are a little different. You can have your target cell phone jailbroken to be able to install mSpy, although this might not be available for some newer versions of IOS.

If you don’t want to jailbreak the cell phone, you must make sure that iCloud backup is activated and should have iCloud credentials to activate mSpy. For this version, you don’t need physical access to the phone.

Some users might feel a little overwhelmed, especially if they have no experience with rooting and jailbreaking. Nevertheless, you’ll receive detailed information that walks you through the installation process. Moreover, the app’s customer support service is available around the clock so you can easily contact someone if you’re facing any problems.

Immediate Access to Phone’s Data

mSpy grants you access to the target phone’s data as long as they’re connected to the internet. The software application supports various operating systems and models. You can check the website for the supported devices.

Once you log into mSpy, there will be a control panel where you can view the target’s phone activity. If you don’t have access to your own cell phone, you’ll be able to monitor if someone is checking it or using it without your permission. You can also check anyone’s phone without having to touch another device.

There’s no limit to what you can see using this application. You can check call logs and read text messages even after they’re deleted. You can also have access to the email account registered to the cell phone without having to hack it or steal the password.

Checking Messaging and Social Media Apps

Social media and photo sharing platforms are extremely popular among cell phone users. mSpy is an impressive app because it will let you monitor the user’s activity when they log into these applications.

Unfortunately, some people might be using dating apps like Tinder, even when they’re in a serious relationship. For their partners, this is usually a deal breaker.

If you’re suspecting that your partner is using Whatsapp, Tinder, Instagram, or SnapChat to cheat on you, then you need to install mSpy to see if your fears and suspicions are true.

It’s annoying to live suspecting your partner. This is why you need a trustworthy application to see if you’re right, or you’re making problems up with your significant other.

You won’t only have access to messages sent on different platforms, but you’ll also check photos and videos shared to see if the person using the target phone is sending inappropriate pictures to someone else.

For business owners who pay the phone bills, this is a trustworthy application that will guarantee the proper use of company’s resources. You can easily make sure that your employees aren’t using the company’s cell phone and internet data package to send personal messages or photos.

There are still some areas for further improvement that can make the application an excellent choice for all users. For example, if someone who isn’t on the contact list sends a photo in a text message to the target phone, you’ll not be able to see it on your computer. Since there’s no limit to technology, I expect to see a newer version of mSpy overcoming this obstacle in the near future.

Maximum Security

Installing spyware application isn’t only for checking how other people are using the target phone. You can also check their location using GPS and Geofencing.

Once you install mSpy you’ll be able to track the cell phone’s location. The app will also notify you when the phone leaves a certain area. If your loved one is away and you’re unable to reach them, you’ll always be able to monitor their location.

This feature is extremely useful if the person using the phone is hiking or camping. You can easily help them in case they need help if they get lost or unable to find their way home. As a business owner, you’ll make sure that your employees are actually where they say they are.

If you suspect that your partner or spouse is cheating, this feature can be of great help. You want to know that they’re actually away on a business trip where they said they will be and not cheating with someone else on a beach that you know nothing of.

Nevertheless, sometimes the location data isn’t 100% accurate. There might also be some delay in receiving correct data, especially if the target phone is in an area with bad cell reception.

Blocking the Target Device

You can block phone calls, websites, and apps on the target phone to control the use of the cell phone when you don’t have direct physical access to it. This is extremely helpful if someone steals the phone or tries to gain authorized access to it. You’ll know if someone tries to delete the phone’s data, change the sim card or attempts to uninstall mSpy.

You can block incoming calls from certain contacts or for a specific time period. This way you can make sure that your kid isn’t using the phone for hours on a school night.

There’s a website blocking feature which is quite useful, especially if you’re worried that your child is checking inappropriate websites. However, this feature works only when you’re using certain browsers like Safari or Chrome. If you’re using a third-party browser like Opera, you might not be able to do this conveniently.

Drawbacks of mSpy

Although mSpy is an excellent choice, it has some drawbacks.

You need physical access to the target phone or the iCloud credentials to install the app.
The app can’t support website browsing tracking on all browsers.

Nevertheless, mSpy is one of the best cell phone tracking applications on the market. It’s quite easy to use, so you can track any cell phone you want to keep an eye on.
Unique Selling Points

When you’re shopping for a product or service, you want to make sure that you’re not wasting time or money. If you buy a spyware application that doesn’t work as expected, you’ll be throwing your money away. Moreover, if the application is easy to detect, you might get into serious trouble with the person you’re trying to track.

The market keeps on offering spyware applications that claim to help you track any cell phone, but do they all work? No. Some of them require you to have access to the target phone at all times and this isn’t practical. Some of them might be too easy to detect so the other person will easily uninstall them.

mSpy understands the issues that users are likely to face; this is why the company keeps on updating its software to cater to the needs of all users.

Flexible Plans

mSpy comes in several versions to cater to the needs of all users. You can buy the application for one, three or twelve months depending on your needs. Moreover, there’s a family bundle that allows you to track three different devices at the same time.

There are several payment options available, and the payment won’t appear on your bill. This is a big plus, especially if you don’t want anyone to know that you’ve bought a tracking app.

Customer Support

Installing and setting up a tracking app on a cell phone isn’t for everyone. You might lack the time or the skills needed to do this fast, or simply want to make sure that everything is done right. The customer support employees of mSpy are available 24/7 offering multi-language support.

Moreover, if you buy the full version for extra cash, they will do the installation and setup on your behalf. This is a good choice if you’re not tech savvy.

Full Control

The minute you’re done with installing the application, you’ll have full control over the target cell phone. You can choose to show or hide the spyware app on the target device from the control panel that appears on your computer or cell phone.

This spyware pays attention to the tiniest details that allow you to use it conveniently. This way you can make sure that the app isn’t eating up the battery life or data plan. For example, videos are quite large and use too much data. You can choose to upload videos when the device is connected to Wi-Fi only.

Check Media

Do want to check the media gallery? Your child might never show you their gallery if you ask them to. Moreover, they might have a private folder that you know nothing of. It’s your duty as a parent or a guardian to know what your child is doing to take action when needed. mSpy grants you easy access to their media folder.

Although you shouldn’t spy on your partner or spouse, sometimes this is the only option because they’re not telling the truth. You can see the secret pictures and media they hide from you to make sure that you’re not being played.

Remote Access

When you buy and install mSpy you’ll be able to check how the target device is working, check out messages, call logs, messaging apps, web browsing history and more. Moreover, you’ll have remote control over the target device.

You’ll easily be able to delete all data on the target cell phone in case it gets stolen or lost. It’s quite easy to disable or restart the application from your cell phone. You can send a text message to the target device if the app disappears from your dashboard, but the other user won’t see this message.

You can easily lock the other device if you feel that it’s in the wrong hands. This is an excellent option if your child’s phone gets lost.

Tracking Instant Messaging Applications

Text messages aren’t that popular nowadays. After all, who would use old school text messages when they can use Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, Line, and other free applications? These apps are much more fun than text messages as you can easily send videos, pictures, and voice notes. Most spyware programs can’t access these apps.

mSpy allows you to check all the media and messages sent and received, without having to touch the target cell phone. You can keep an eye on the person using the target cell phone, knowing who your kid or spouse is chatting with.

If you’re worried your partner is using a dating app like Tinder, it’s time to know for sure. You don’t have to confront them just yet. They might accuse you of being too suspicious. Installing mSpy will enable you to check their likes, their matches, and all the sent messages so you can know for sure what’s going on behind your back.

Permanent History

You can see the incoming and outgoing calls to the target device. You’ll be able to check the call duration and names if the contact is saved on the target phone. If the person using the target device attempts to clear the call log or text messages, you’ll still be able to check the history on your dashboard.

You can receive updates from the target phone based on the frequency you pick. You can receive updates every 10 minutes if you want to, although doing this will eat up the battery life.

Keylogger Report

Do you ever wonder which websites does your child visit? What do they send to their friends? This keylogging feature is what you need because it won’t only tell you about the received data, but it will also let you know about the sent data.

If the person using the target cell phone types a password or a certain keyword in the browser, mSpy will let you know. It’s like you’re taking a look at what they’re doing at all times.

You can set a certain keyword like drug or sex on your child’s cell phone and the application will notify you every time he or she types this word. mSpy will search through text messages, social media applications, and browser to let you know every time your child types the words you’ve chosen.


In this mSpy review, I found out that this might not be a perfect spyware program, but it’s definitely one of the best. It’s completely safe and will not affect the performance of the target cell phone and can be easily removed whenever you want to.

The app is completely legal so you have the right to install it to any cell phone you own as a business owner. You can also install it to your underage child’s cell phone to make sure that they’re not subject to any threats as it’s your duty as a parent to protect them.

As for cheating spouses and partners, I think that installing this application is just like hiring a private detective to know what’s going behind your back. I believe you have every right to know if your significant other is cheating.

There are lots of flexible plans available so you can choose the one you like. You can use mSpy without having to touch the target phone at all or you can buy a family bundle to monitor and track several devices at the same time.

There might be still some problems with mSpy as technology keeps on improving, but I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to track any cell phone.

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