MobiStealth Review – Checking Out the Latest Version

You may have heard of some popular mobile spy programs like Flexispy and mSpy. Today I’m going to introduce you to not so popular yet very impressive phone monitoring software called MobiStealth.

If you’re someone like me who reviews these programs a lot then you’ve probably heard of MobiStealth. The software has been around a few years now; and I’ve tested it over the past few months so that I can tell you about all of the specs and features. Let’s take a look!

mobistealth reviews

Mobistealth Monitoring Software Review


  • MobiStealth features are quite limited compared to others
  • Pricing – Affordable based on the features desired
  • Easy to Install and setup
  • Customer support – Good customer support with phone support on the plus version

The Good

  • Affordable
  • Works effectively
  • Trustworthy developers

The Bad

  • Not a lot of features
  • Limited monitoring for message and social media apps


Mobistealth is a more affordable option compared to popular mobile monitoring software such as Flexispy and mSpy. The con of using this monitoring programs is you will have to forgo a number of features that are offered by big name software. If you only require the basic set of monitoring features then Mobistealth can suffice. However, if you’re looking for more advanced features then it’s probably not the best option.

Cost start at $19.99

There is also a version of the software with PC monitoring capabilities that is more popular among users. You can read more about this in the PC monitoring section below.

Before we delve into the specifications of the newer version let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the older version.

MobiStealth Older Version

Earlier users will tell you that the older version of Mobistealth had a lot of problems. While it could do what was promised, many users were frustrated by the design and ease of use. It often performed poorly when compared to its competitors, it was prone to a lot of glitches and was not user-friendly to say the least.

For starters, the site had a lot of downtime so users were unable to conduct regular monitoring until it was fixed. Performing a simple task such as checking your log was impossible until the issue was rectified.

Many people thought it was a sinking ship but they managed to stay afloat over the years by improving the software.

Like many people you’re still probably not sure as to whether or not it was in fact improved or if it’s just another dude. Well, you’re about to find out…

MobiStealth Updated Version

Let’s start by looking at MobiStealth’s official website. For me a good website should carry useful information and a simple user-friendly interface. It should be clear and free of fluffy content and unclear links. Simply put, a good website will provide its visitors with what they are looking for.

The new MobiStealth website is certainly an improvement and it works fairly well. However it’s still lacking when compared to big names on the market like FlexiSpy or mSpy.

The older version was marketed on the website to target people who want to spy on their spouses. The big problem is that many will argue that this is unethical – and illegal to say the least.

Now its main target group mainly consist of parents who may need to monitor their children for safety issues. This is inarguably a smarter method and a common trope among even more established companies.

One thing we can all agree on is that the company continues to show improvement and for me that’s a sign of determination. As I stated earlier they now offer a computer monitoring version that is believed to have outshined the mobile version.

Regular updates is always a good sign of anything technological related. A mobile monitoring software especially should be updated regularly to keep up with the new cell phone models. A bad company shows little signs of development and is typically not concerned about keeping up with changes in the industry.

Many mobile monitoring companies don’t see the importance of this – the reality is, nothing stays constant.

There are also some other new features on the website one of which is the online demo that has improved how the product performs. Most big name monitoring programs will offer a demo version to offer users a way to familiarize themselves with the interface.

Again, it may fall short in aesthetic appeal when compared to other more popular options but we can’t overlook the improvement it has undergone – and as many of us have learned in life, appearance isn’t always the most important thing.

Bottom line, the website has improved. So, the big question here is, has the application?

Supported Devices

The app is compatible with all major platforms. Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows Phone users can all use the application. Of course we can argue that the developers are prejudiced to iOS and Android platforms as with most prominent companies.

Currently it supports:

  • Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop)
  • Symbian / Nokia – Symbian 3 and Nokia series 60
  • Apple iOS 9.x
  • BlackBerry – with the exception for OS 10

The list tends to change regularly so you can always check their website for an updated list of compatible devices. Overall they do score high for supporting most popular devices.

Customer Support

MobiStealth’s website features email-based support tickets and live chat for users in need of support. You even have the option of contacting support using snail mail. Overall their response time was good when I gave it a test – faster than most others. Phone support is only available for users who have purchased the Pro package – a bummer for everyone else in need of urgent assistance.

Quality customer support is always a plus when dealing with a software – you never know when you’ll need help. For instance if you’re having issues during setup you may want to have someone to guide you through the process. If you get through installation and the product suddenly stops working, you’ll need backup.

If you’ve followed my reviews you’ll know that this is always the main issue I have with monitoring products that I review – their customer support. Although more companies are now a making a better attempt to provide users with reliable assistance, there is still room for improvement.

The Features

Ultimately this is what it boils down to – the features of the product. If the application does not offer the features that you’re looking for then there’s no point in using it.

MobiStealth offers three packages: Basic, Lite, and Pro with Basic being the most affordable and Pro being the most expensive. I’ll quickly go through the main features of each so that you can determine which package is best for you – if any are.

Basic: as mentioned this is the most affordable choice. In fact it’s significantly cheaper than other packages but this is because it’s really basic and just meant to give users a taste of how the application works. With basic you get call logs, text, GPS tracking, and access to photos and the contact list on the device being monitored

The features are very limited when compared to other packages. It is only offered as a two week license, so it’s a great way for you to try out the software but it’s not recommended for long-term.

Lite: With this package users get access to the basic features and much more. Additional features include online message monitoring, internet history log, appointments monitoring and bookmark logs.

Pro: This is the top package of the two. It offers a few more features such as location tracking with GPS being enabled, video and picture logging and sim card change notifications. It also provides a list of apps used on the device.

Mobistealth does not carry any recording features on any of the three offered packages. Therefore you won’t be able to record surrounding conversations and voice calls. Currently Flexispy is the only software with this feature.

The Cost

All three packages allow you to make payments over time. Below you can find information on the current payment systems and you can also stop by their website for more info.
Basic Package
Two weeks $19.99

Lite Package
Three months $49.99
Six months $69.99
Twelve months $99.99

Pro Package
Three months $79.99
Six months $99.99
Twelve months $139.99

As you may have expected, the twelve month package is the best value for those looking to use the software long-term. All the packages are considerably cheaper than those offered by big mobile monitoring companies. So, it’s certainly a good alternative for anyone who’s just stepping into the monitoring world. Just ensure that you select a package that offers the features you need to achieve your goal.

The Bottom Line

All in all, Mobistealth is a safe, functional mobile monitoring app. The company continues to show their determination to stick it to their competitors by improving the product and they already have one a good selling point – it’s affordable. The new version is definably a major improvement from the previous version. They are no longer encouraging users to perform illegal activities and they are more reliable with customer support.

I recommend that you start with the basic package to get a good feel for the product. However, the company offers a 15 day money back guarantee so if you purchase a package and do not like the results then you can always ask for your money back.

It’s certainly not the greatest monitoring software on the market, as I have mentioned multiple times; however, it’s a good alternative. This is especially true for people looking for a monitoring application at a lower price. It’s easy to install, and most importantly it does what it promises.

Go Give It A Try And Let Me Know What You Think!

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