Installing Mobile Phone Spy Software – Simple Guide

This article will take you step by step through the process of installing mobile phone spy software onto your chosen smartphone. However, each company that delivers spy software may have slightly different methods and therefore I encourage you to always refer to their specific guidelines on the installation process. The main players in the Spy Software industry all provide excellent guidance on the set up procedures.

spy software guide

What is Spy Spftware?

Mobile phone spy software allows you to monitor the activity that someone carries out on a phone that has the spy software installed. This type of software is only available for use on Smartphones and requires connection to the internet. If an internet connection isn’t available then monitoring cannot take place via spy software.

It is important to note that to install spy software that works, you will need to be in possession of the smartphone. This cannot be done via any other method and websites that offer such a service are bogus.

It is important that you select your chosen software carefully and research thoroughly its compatibility with your mobile. A simple Google search will bring up different spy software that is available. However, as with anything on the web, it is important that you adequately research the market.

There are many unscrupulous sites that offer such services but are fraudulent and will leave you out of pocket. I would also advise that you don’t simply rely on the readily available reviews. I would suggest you visit blog sites and get a feel for the product before you purchase.

Before you do make your final decision, ensure you have checked the software’s compatibility with your smartphone (please double check you have definitely chosen the correct version), beware some phones such as the iPhone, require additional software to enable the spyware to run successfully on the smartphone.

An iPhone won’t work with any spy software unless it has Jailbreak. An Android may need rooting, this allows the user to override the manufacturer’s wishes on the access of certain settings within the mobile device. Whilst Jailbreak is a necessity for iPhone, rooting is not always needed with an Android. Check individual software sites for exact details.

Which Company is Best?

The three most successful Spy Software companies are Flexispy, Mobile Spy and mSpy. On each of these websites you can choose which package you require. You can choose from basic to premium packages, dependent upon the level of monitoring you require and the money you are willing to spend.

The market leaders in this software tend to follow very similar installation methods, with only slight variation between the steps.

However it is easy to make a mistake and this can lead to wasted time and energy. Ensure you have set aside a specific time, with no interruptions, in order to complete this task correctly. Each Spy Software website will offer you detailed guidance. Keep up to date with the websites as this software is regularly updated.

Spy software is available as a download and each spy software has its own dedicated website from which you can purchase(usually involving a monthly subscription). Once you have received the download you can install it directly onto your smartphone via the web browser.

As an additional level of security you will often be required to put a pin number into your phone (also known as an activation code), which will be provided via e mail. As with most significant software installations you will be required to restart the phone to complete the installation process.

Almost immediately after installation you will be able to monitor the actions completed on your phone. Depending on the type of software you opt for, you could be able to monitor; text messages, call details, web browsing history, photos, e – mails and much more. Some of the more advanced spyware can now even monitor social networking sites.

All of the activity monitored on the phone is sent to the spy software company via internet connection from the smartphone. Once you have set up your account and password, you will be able to access the details online. You will not require any further access to the mobile device following the initial installation.

Once the installation is complete, it is advisable to complete a few activities on the phone and then check online to ensure these activities have been monitored and your installation has been a success.

Play about and get a feel for the software, its capabilities and layout of the monitoring feedback (known as the dashboard). You may also want to use this time initially to set up and configure your dashboard to how you feel comfortable.


As an end note, it is important that if you are monitoring an employee, it is your legal obligation to tell them that its usage is being monitored. Failure to do so would mean the breaking of privacy laws. You are not required to inform your child that there is Spy software installed and telling them is a matter for individual parents to consider.

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