How to Hack Someones Snapchat Account

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to get into somebody’s Snapchat account, many of which actually come with good intentions. For example, if you are concerned about your child’s activity on the platform, you might feel the need to investigate for his or her protection and there are a couple of ways that you could do this.

Obviously, if you happen to know the username and password, there’s not much hacking involved. All you’d need to do is log in, potentially from another device, and you’d be able to do whatever you want.

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Sometimes knowing the email and phone number associated with the account would allow you to go the “forgot password” route. However, you’re probably trying to do this secretly and that’s also possible.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to discreetly access somebody’s Snapchat account is to do so with a reputable spy application, which we’ll cover down below. These apps are designed specifically for parents looking to monitor their children’s activity but if you don’t go that route, you still have other options.

Why Hack a Snapchat Account?

Why hack a Snapchat account? That’s up to you to decide but for parents, the answer might be simple. For many teenagers, Snapchat is the most frequently visited social media app and many of its users are under 18 so there is obviously a huge online safety concern.

Maybe you’ve heard horror stories about strangers targeting young kids through Snapchat or a similar app, perhaps by posing as children themselves, which is a scary idea. On the flip side, many young women actually make money through the app by selling risqué photos.

These are both real things. However, given that Snapchat incorporates so many forms of communication, the photos might not always be the most worrisome.

If you had access to the Snapchat account, you’d be able to monitor the person’s activity as a way to keep him or her safe. If you spotted something suspicious or concerning, you could address it directly but you’d at least have it in the back of your mind. Sometimes just being aware of something is enough to feel at ease.

Hacking with Spy Applications

Spy apps are one of the simplest ways to monitor activity on a Snapchat account without getting blocked by the company’s security and there are a few viable options out there. These apps might be free to download but they will often require a monthly fee to access all of the features.

As far as actual apps go, mSpy is one of the most reliable and its library of hacking tools is very extensive. With mSpy, you’d gain full access to the individual’s Snapchat account, meaning that you could remotely look at his or her photos, videos, messages, and GPS locations, among other things.

The best part is that you don’t have to limit your spying to the Snapchat account. These apps were created for cellphone spying in general so you’d get to see the individual’s phone messages and GPS location and you could also take a look at Instagram and WhatsApp, among other things.

The only downfall here is that you have to get a hold of the target’s cellphone. For this to work, you have to install the spy app on the actual phone but you should be able to hide it so that it goes undetected.

From there, you’ll be able to login into the system from your computer, select the app that you want to spy on, and begin looking at the information. The target won’t know that you are doing this so you can rest assured that you won’t be discovered. Other examples of these types of apps include FlexiSpy and Spyzie but the capabilities of mSpy are a bit more extensive.

Hacking People’s Snapchat Passwords

The other way to hack somebody’s Snapchat is to learn his or her password. If you know the account’s password, you could log in whenever you wanted and you could potentially change the password if you wanted to block the user from having access altogether.

If you have the person’s phone number or email address, you could click “forgot password” at the login screen and follow the steps to change the password. Otherwise, you want to install a keylogger file.

A keylogger is a software that tracks keystrokes and some of the spy apps, such as mSpy, will already have these. The keylogger will track the keys that the user presses on the app so you’ll immediately know his or her username and password. After that, you may not need a spy app as you’d be able to login to the app whenever you wanted.

With the spy app and a keylogger, you could, in theory, gain access to the user’s entire phone and you’ll know who he or she contacts, where he or she goes, and what pictures he or she sends, among all sorts of other things.

What Are Survey-Based Hacking Tools?

If you are searching for a way to spy on somebody’s Snapchat account, you are bound to run into online services that claim to offer a solution. “Free Snapchat Hacking” and “No Survey Snapchat Hacking” are examples of some things that you might see.

If you’ve been on the Internet for a while, you’ve probably run into to something such as this before. The site will claim to offer a Snapchat hacking solution for free and right before they give you what you want, they will want you to take a survey or take a look at an offer of some kind.

If you do it, you’ll likely be rerouted several times and the sites will request your personal information until you realize that you aren’t actually getting Snapchat records at all.

Even if you enter a site that happens to be legitimate, you’ll still have to give up some of your personal information before getting what you want. Chances are that these sites don’t have sophisticated hacking programs and you’ll need to know some information about the account, such as the username.

If you actually make it to the end of one of these paths, you’ll probably find that the information you seek is unavailable or inaccurate. So the bottom line is that you can’t really trust these things.

How Do Other People Hack Snapchat Accounts?

The spy apps mentioned above, if used as a means of protection, are mostly harmless, though the creators of the apps might advise you to inform the target that he or she is being tracked.

However, these aren’t the only ways to hack into a Snapchat account and hackers might have methods that are even more unethical. For example, some people might try to obtain Snapchat information through a phishing email that tricks you into giving your information.

Phishing emails are somewhat of an old method but they are still used today. It involves creating a fake webpage and a fake reason why a user needs to enter his or her information. If it’s convincing, you can get people to do it.

Other hackers might simply try to guess your password based on what they know about you and the dedicated ones will try repeatedly until they guess it right, which is why it’s also smart to use strong passwords that are hard to guess.

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