The Complete Cell Phone Spy Software Guide

Welcome back to our main cell phone spy app guide! Covering all the information on this website related to mobile spy software can certainly take up a lot of your day. So, today I’m bringing you a guide with most of the topics that I have covered on spy software.

It includes most topics and you can always follow the links that I have inserted for more information. By the end you should be an expert on cell phone spy software.

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The Names and Types Of Phone Spy Software

You don’t have to tell me. Mobile spy software tends to go by different names so it can be confusing at times. Cell phone spy programs, spy phone software, and mobile monitoring software – the list goes on.

Cell phone spyware is often talked about – but that is a different thing entirely!

This area of the website is devoted to spy software that’s not only compatible with cell phones but also iPads, tablets, and other mobile iOS and Android devices.

I also have a section of this website devoted to PC Spy Software – monitoring laptop and desktop computers if you’re not only looking to monitor mobile devices.

Some of the top spy software apps that I have reviewed in detail can be found below:


Currently this is one of the most advanced spy software programs on the market today. It allows you to record and listen in on calls on both iOS and Android devices and this pushes them above their competitors. Their new prices have also given them a competitive advantage. If you want the best – Flexispy is not going to disappoint.

Take A Look At The Complete Review On Flexispy


Now boasting over 1 million users worldwide – they must be doing something right!
MSpy offers a number of monitoring options, coupled with a high quality service, such as providing users with access to social media chats and allowing them to view messages received and sent from the target device. These are just a few of the reasons why they are the best selling spy software today.

See The Full MSpy Review Here


MobiStealth is an industry veteran and they have managed to remain relevant with a complete makeover that is mainly responsible for the recent surge in popularity. Users now have a wider selection of advanced features. They still offer something as an alternative to mSpy and the rest. I suggest that you take a look at it.

Take A Look At MobiStealth Review For Cell Phones

One thing that these phone spy programs have in common is that they actually work as they are advertised. As with most of the products that I have reviewed, I made sure to test them personally. I’m also on the lookout for new updates and any complaints that might arise from users.

All my cell phone spy software reviews are regularly updated – I actually use and test these apps!
I won’t push anyone to purchase any specific software. They are all unique in some way and it depends on what you are looking for.

Also, there is no limit to the number of monitoring programs that you’ll find today, both good and bad – and this is mainly why I enjoy doing these reviews. It’s always good to stick it to the scammers and prevent someone from losing their hard earned money.

The market is crowded with fakers. That is why I have an article specifically for helping you Find The Best Phone Monitoring Programs.

What Can A Phone Spy Software Do?

This is the question that most people are quick to ask and the answers are usually shocking. Most people underestimate the capabilities of cell phone spy software that are available today.

Older programs were limited to monitoring ingoing and outgoing call logs and text messages. They generally provided information on when a call was made and which number it was made to in addition to GPS updates on the location of the device at specific times.

Well, technology keeps getting better and today there are spy apps that can tell you almost everything that happens on the target device.

Each software will differ in one way or another as you can see from the ones that I have reviewed (feel free to check them out when you have a chance). However, here are some general features you can expect from the latest software.

Location / GPS Tracking – this is not really a new feature but it has advanced significantly over the years. New spy software with these features now allow you to determine the location of the device in real time using a map. With this feature you can get daily reports on the location of the device and even set up alerts for when the device is in certain regions. It’s a great feature for parents who are looking to monitor their kids’ activities.

Ambient Recording – this feature allows you to send secret messages to the target phone that act like a bug enabling it to begin recording any conversation that’s happening in the surroundings.
Live Call Recording and Listening – some software allow you to listen in on calls and record the conversation. This feature is available with Flexispy Extreme.

Internet History Reporting – there are software that will provide a report on websites visited from the target devices. This also allows parents to block specific sites that they do not want their kids to access.

Review Data On The Target Phone: this allows you to view all media, the contact list or any events marked on the calendar on the phone being monitored. You will receive a report when the data on the phone changes.

App Blocking – if needed you can block some apps from being used on the device that you are monitoring – all from an online control panel but more on this later.

Review Messenger Chats and Online Conversations – mobile messaging apps are now more popular than ever before – this is why most spy programs today will allow users to spy on conversations over popular apps like Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype, Facebook, and the list go goes on. Whether it’s text, videos or pictures that is being sent from or to the target device, software like Flexispy can keep you updated.

There are many other impressive features being offered by spy software companies. Unfortunately we don’t have all day so I’ve listed the most advanced ones above that most people tend to be interested in.

There are some basic features that will be offered by all software but they will also offer some special features to set them apart from their competitors. All in all, it depends on what you are looking for. What suits a business user may not work for someone looking to use the program for personal reasons.

How Do These Programs Work?

Oh the power of technology. It’s still so mind-blowing to see how much technology has advanced. I’ll go into more detail below about how spy software works without getting too technical.

First you’ll want to find a program that offers the features that you are looking for at the price you can afford – and is also compatible with the device that you intend on monitoring – the target device.
I cover some spy software installation basics below but you might want to read a more detailed installation guide.

When you complete your purchase you will receive details on how to download the software – typically an internet link and license code.

Using the phone that you intend to download the software to, enter the web address given to you in the phones web browser – click the link. Follow the instructions and complete the download and installation process. In most cases the instructions should be very easy to follow.

The software will be hidden on the device but will begin duplicating data and recording activities that happen – such as texts sent calls made or received etc.

The reports will be sent to the server of the spy company in small hidden packets. Gone are the days when this would cause problems with increased bills! Things are much smarter now and very well hidden with good programs.

Using your secure login information you will be able to log into the online dashboard and review the reports – of course you’ll need an internet connection.

What’s The Online Dashboard?

Simply put, the Online Dashboard collects all the activity reports in one place where you can view and download them conveniently – you can monitor conversations, listen to recorded conversations and view online activities from the dashboard. All depending on the specific phone spy program you have purchased.

The dashboard can give you complete control. In many ways it works like the control panel on your computer – you can update the program, adjust the settings, set up alerts and block specific apps and websites.

Once the program has been installed you’ll no longer need physical access to the target device – you’ll be able to control everything right from the dashboard.Whether you want to uninstall software or listening in on a call, you can do it right from the dashboard without touching the phone again.

The best spy programs are very well hidden and typically will not leave any signs that should set off any flags that the phone is being monitored.Very discrete but highly effective.

What Mobile Devices Are Supported?

Before I go any further you should know that these are only functional on cell phones and tablets with internet connections. You’ll need an internet connection to receive any reports or location updates from the target device. It doesn’t have to be a 3G or 4G data plan; it will work fine with Wi-Fi connection.

It doesn’t matter which cell phone carrier you use or where you’re located in the world. Once you have a reliable internet connection the spy program should work fine – even if you’re in different countries.
Once the program is already installed on the target device and there’s an internet connection then you’re good to go.

Most spy programs will be compatible with iOS and Android devices and some may even offer their services for Windows phones, Blackberry, and Nokia. Due to popularity, it’s typically more likely for a program to be compatible with mainly iOS and Android systems – and these have the most available features.

Supported Operating System

This can be a bit confusing at times. In order for a monitoring software to work on a device it will need to carry an operating system that is supported by the program.

Most developers will ensure that their programs are compatible with the latest versions of Apple and Android devices. For instance, when a new Android update is released most developers will release an updated version of their software that is compatible with the device in only a few weeks.

The same goes for Apple devices running iOS – although these can take a little longer due to the need to Jailbreak Apple devices – more on that below!

A list of compatible operating systems is usually updated on their official website as soon as changes happen, so it’s always best to do some research before you choose to invest in any program. You want a reliable company that will keep up with regular updates – something often lacking in cheap spy app programs.

Can I Install Spy Apps Without Having Access to The Target Phone?

No. Absolutely not!

I can’t count the number of times I have heard this question and my answer is usually the same – any spy phone software has to be physically downloaded to the device you intend to monitor. You will therefore need to have the device in your possession at some point so that you can install it to the device yourself. Most times all you’ll need is five minutes.

Once the installation is completed you should be able to monitor the device once you are connected to the internet. This part can be referred to as remote monitoring – but remote installation is not possible!

And in case you’re wondering – just entering the number associated with the target device will not allow you to spy on the user’s activities! Not that easy I’m afraid.

It may be hard to believe considering the amount of scam spy products that are floating around the internet today and making these claims. Many claim that you don’t even have to come in contact with the phone that you want to spy on. However, before you get tricked by these companies you should read my post about Spy Software claiming to offer remote installation.

iCloud Monitoring Is The Only Exception

This monitoring solution is fairly new but it’s not available with all spy software. mSpy is one of the most popular programs offering this feature. It’s only available for iPads and iPhones and works entirely differently from what scammers claim their software can do.

It is often called the mSpy No Jailbreak Version.

With this solution no program is installed onto the target device and the device does not have to be jailbroken – it is not a true spy software. What it does is give you limited access to iCloud backup storage for Apple users. It monitors activity through changes in the backups – and reports in that way.

Nothing on the phone itself – No software to install!

It’s a great alternative since you do not need to jailbreak the device. However, it’s completely different from the features that you get when you use a spy software.Although you will not need physical access to your target device, you will need the Apple ID and password associated with the device – assuming they have an iCloud account setup.

You can find out more about this feature by reading my review on mSpy.

I Have No Idea What Jailbreaking and Rooting is!

That’s certainly nothing to worry about – we all can’t be tech savvy. You can start learning by checking out my guide on Rooting Android and Jailbreaking iOS devices. Now for the short versions:

Android Device Rooting

Rooting an Android device typically refers to using a software to modify its operating system. It’s primarily done so that the spy software can access additional data on the target device.

While rooting is not necessarily a must for monitoring a device, it does gives you access to more advanced features. Features such as call recording and mobile app messaging monitoring generally requires that you root the device.

I often recommend that people root the devices that they intend on monitoring to ensure that they get the best features – but if you wish to avoid this you should still be able to access some of the features.

Jailbreaking Your iOS Device

Only Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, can be jailbroken. To install the spy software on an Apple device you will first need to jailbreak it – there’s no going around this.

Apple phones are built to allow downloads from the Apple Store. So, if the device has not been jailbroken, it’s impossible for you to download the software.

Rooting and jailbreaking are becoming more popular today, primarily because it adds to the functionality of the phones and give users more freedom when using their device. Of course there are still a lot of us who shy away from doing anything remotely techy to alter our cell phones.

The good news is that many spy software companies are now offering tech support for jailbreaking and rooting.

Flexispy for instance offers rooting and jailbreaking assistance to customers in addition to software installation for a reasonable fee. It’s one of the reasons behind their recent popularity.

mSpy now also offer this service – great for getting started.

They may seem complicated but both jailbreaking and rooting are straightforward. Once you have done a little research – there is no reason why you should be hesitant to do either. The best part is that they can be removed if you feel like it’s not right for you.

If you’re interested read my guidelines for more information.

Are These Spy Apps Really Legal?

Most of the legit companies offering these programs aren’t breaking any laws and it’s perfectly legal for you to buy them. However, there are some conditions that do apply. Try not to fall for those marketing ploys used by those disreputable sellers.

Simply put, it’s illegal to put these programs on your spouse’s phone without their knowledge – no matter what the tagline says.I go into more details about this below but you can find a Complete Legal Guide here.

It’s illegal to install a spy program on your kids cell phone once they are 18 years or older in the United States and the United Kingdom.

You must always notify your employees if you decide to monitor company cell phones used by them.
You should have legal rights to the phone or mobile device to install monitoring software legally.

That covers the general legal requirements but you should always check the privacy laws for where you live.

Of course not everyone will choose to abide by these laws. Mobile monitoring programs are getting more popular as time goes by and it’s only safe to assume that not everyone plays by the rules. While they may offer great solutions for parents to ensure the safety of their kids they also make it easy for employers to violate employee rights.

Now it’s up to you to decide how you want to use these programs and save yourself the trouble of asking me to comment on the illegal use of any spy software – I won’t respond.

Who Uses Cell Phone Spy Software Today?

They are more common than you might think. mSpy for instance has stated that they have over 1 million users.
Many parents who want to monitor their kids’ activities rely on these software programs – it’s no secret how dangerous the internet can be for younger kids today.

It’s much more frightening than when we were kids.

All this new technology opens up a whole different world of threats – and our kids with mobile devices are in the front line!

Many employers are also monitoring employee activities now. Large and small organizations alike are finding that monitoring their staff can improve productivity – it’s the safest way to prevent employees from lurking on Instagram and Facebook during work hours.

Of course not everyone using these mobile spy software will follow the legal methods. As technology becomes more advanced more people begin to use it to engage in illegal activities. Legal issues involving spy software have been increasing in recent years. You can’t just install these software to anyone’s cell phone to spy on them – even if it’s your spouse.

It’s best to Stay out Of Trouble!

Spy Software Scams To Be On The Lookout For

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the spy software industry is plagued with a high number of scammers. Plus online anonymity has made it much easier for them to carry out these activities without worrying about the consequences.

Scammers range from those who make claims that are simply implausible to those who offer lower quality software as opposed to what they promised. In many of these cases the software doesn’t even exist and you’re left with junk files.

It’s important that you research these monitoring programs thoroughly before you decide to invest in them. If the features that they offer sound too good to be true then you should be skeptical.

I have presented some solid reasons as to why these spy apps that claim to offer remote installation are mostly scams (or illegal). I suggest that you take a look before you decide to trust some random company making these claims.

You may also want to read up on Problems with Cell Phone Spy Programs. Especially if you’re planning to invest in one.

Closing Points

I’m hoping that you found the information here to be informative. There is a lot of useful information on the site. Feel free to look around and don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions – just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Spy software can be used for good purposes and provide parents and employers with valuable tools in a fast changing world. Do you need to think about getting one? Thanks for reading!

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